Centralizer-Turbulator TurboFLOW

Centralizer-Turbulator TurboFLOW

Centralizer-Turbulator TurboFLOW – buy from Avantgarde Oil Services Limited. Design and manufacture of drilling equipment.
The centralizer-turbulizer is a rigid centralizer and has rigid spiral blades along the body. Its main task is to center the column, as well as to create flow turbulizing cement slurry for the effective replacement of the drilling fluid with cement.
Centralizer-Turbulator TurboFLOW – photo

The turbulators show the positive effect of their application mainly in horizontal sections, where replacement is a critical indicator during the cementing process.

TurboFlow turbulators have a cast design and blades along the entire body, which increases their reliability and enhances the effect of the application.

The quality of cementing always affects the life of the well, therefore we recommend the use of turbulators in all areas.

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