Bow Spring Centralizer CentroGUARD Lock

Bow Spring Centralizer CentroGUARD Lock

Bow Spring Centralizer CentroGUARD Lock – buy from Avantgarde Oil Services Limited. Design and manufacture of drilling equipment.
Unlike the design of the CentroGUARD Weld centralizers, the CentroGUARD Lock does not have a weld on the shell. Instead of welding, a slot-to-slot locking mechanism is used, which ensures the integrity of the shell even at maximum bending forces for compression and twisting, as well as for breaking.
Bow Spring Centralizer CentroGUARD Lock – photo

This connection is much stronger than the welded seam and meets the high requirements of the Customer when running strings with rotation and reaming the wellbore.

Quality control is performed at every stage of production, whether it is a blank item or a final. After the completion of manufacturing, the CentroGUARD Lock centralizers are tested on the bench according to the standard corresponding to API 10D.

The high quality polymer coating of the centralizer guarantees low coefficient of friction. And the blade shape, calculated using the "finite element method", guarantees high restoring force and low starting torque.

Only this method of centralizers manufacturing allows us to guarantee the Customer a high level of centering and high-quality cementing in all areas of the CentroGUARD Lock centralizers installation. Use reliable, use CentroGUARD Lock.

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