Bow Spring Centralizer CentroGUARD Weld

Bow Spring Centralizer CentroGUARD Weld

Bow Spring Centralizer CentroGUARD Weld – buy from Avantgarde Oil Services Limited. Design and manufacture of drilling equipment.
Avantgarde Oil Services aims to produce the highest quality and most reliable centralizers at a fair price. To achieve this goal, our company controls the production process at every stage.
Bow Spring Centralizer CentroGUARD Weld – photo

We use the best materials from the market leaders to produce our centralizers. Only high-quality metal is used for the production of CentroGUARD Weld centralizers. Each batch is provided with quality certificate, steel composition passport and meets the requirements of GOST (Government Standard).

CentroGUARD Weld centralizers are designed with only one minimally stressed weld on each shell, which guarantees high quality and reliability of products while running in the well.

Quality control is performed at every stage of production, whether it is a blank item or a final. Upon completion of manufacturing, the CentroGUARD Weld centralizers are bench tested in accordance with the API 10D standard.

The high quality polymer coating of the centralizer guarantees low coefficient of friction. And the blade shape, calculated using the "finite element method", guarantees high restoring force and low starting torque.

Only this method of centralizers manufacturing allows us to guarantee the Customer a high level of centering and high-quality cementing in all areas of the CentroGUARD Weld centralizers installation. Use the best, use CentroGUARD Weld.

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