TrueGLIDER RIGID polymer centrators

TrueGLIDER RIGID polymer centrators

TrueGLIDER RIGID polymer centrators – buy from Avantgarde Oil Services Limited. Design and manufacture of drilling equipment.
Polymer TrueGLIDER centralizers are rigid-type centralizers by its design, which allows to achieve a high level of centering, as well as passing through the narrow parts of the wellbore.
TrueGLIDER RIGID polymer centrators – photo

Spiral blades and a loose fit on the column between the retaining rings allow the centralizers to "self-orientate" and rotate freely on the column. Free rotation of TrueGLIDER centralizers makes it easier to run in difficult sections of the well.

Laboratory tests of TrueGLIDER centralizers on a tribological stand showed ultra-low friction coefficients of the metal to polymer at the level of 0.08-0.12. This low coefficient of friction is a great advantage while running strings and liners into long horizontal wells. Centralizers also have proven themselves well in ERD wells.

The experience of using these centralizers in dozens of ERD wells has proven the effectiveness of their application.

Avantgarde Oil Services relies on advanced software systems to calculate the centering level and calculate the weight when running the string into the well. We can accurately predict parameters such as running weight, pulling weight, casing torque, open hole and cased hole friction coefficients.

One of the most important advantages of TrueGLIDER centralizers is the optimization of their design using CFD analysis. This optimization showed that the helical blades can effectively turbulize the flow of cement slurry, thereby improving the quality of the cementing. The conclusions were confirmed by measurements of the OCC in the wells using TrueGLIDER centralizers.

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