Check valve assembly

The cementing check valve is used to prevent the movement of cement from the annulus back into the casing while cementing the well. The check valve is a critical element in the main stage of well cementing. At the request of the customer, the assembly can be equipped with a double check valve.

Optionally, the cementing valves can be equipped with:

  • Autofill capability,
  • Anti-rotation system of the cement plug during drilling,
  • Protection against the penetration of activation balls of various diameters.

All valves of Avangard Nefteservis LLC are adapted for milling with PDC bits.

Asseblies with check valves are manufactured in sizes from 102 mm (4 inches) to 340 mm (13 3/8 inches) with connecting threads OTTG and OTTM, as well as Batress or premium threads such as TMK PF, TMK GF, TMK FMC, VAM TOP , ChT-VT.